Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Hello world!
This semester at Olin College of Engineering, Raphael Cherney, Phil Dirkse, Dan Grieneisen, and I will attempt to build two acoustic guitars. This blog will be our documentation of the process we're using. It's important to note that we will be following procedures suggested in the books Guitarmaking: Tradition and Technology (Cumpiano), and Build Your Own Acoustic Guitar (Kinkead).

Our purpose for documenting this is threefold:
1. To provide a resource for those looking into guitarmaking
2. For personal documentation (look mom, I'm making a guitar!)
3. To show Olin we're not letting their generous funding of the project go to waste!*

Check back often, we'll be updating at least once a week!

*this is assuming we get funding!**

**Update: We got funding! $800 for the project. Thanks Olin. :D

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